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SINCE 2018

There is something magical about a grapevine that makes it easy to understand how people have been inspired by them for centuries. 

Since we first planted our first vines in the summer of 2019, our inspiration and dedication to making Strigo a true destination began to bloom to fruition.  

As we eagerly await our inaugural harvest, we continue to learn about and utilize the surrounding area to make the best wine and food experience possible. From the old horse barn converted into our tasting room and wine production area to the farmhouse and vineyard, we look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.


Strigo has three hearty grape varieties growing across nine acres:  Marquette, Frontenac Blanc, and Frontenac Gris. We chose these varieties because they are ideal matches to grow in Central New York's climate.


Created from traditional vinifera Marquette is genetically a Pino Noir, Frontenac Blanc a Chardonnay, and Frontenac Gris a Pino Gris. Our signature crop will feature the Marquette grape and we are confident this grape will become more recognized in the years ahead as a consistent and quality red wine producer in New York.



The sun does much more than provide light and grow grapes at Strigo.


Our property is 100% solar powered using technology from WestGen, a family-owned company based in Los Angeles, California. 

A solar panel array featuring more than 130 panels feeds energy into a 50kW lithium ion battery bank that supplies power to our entire property.