Formerly an old house barn, our tasting room is the communal capstone nestled on Strigo's 70-acre property.


Our tasting room provides a wine experience you won't find anywhere else in Central New York.


You won't find score cards and servers guiding you through sampling wines on their terms. At Strigo, we strive to make world-class wines more accessible in a stunning yet down-to-earth atmosphere.


Welcome to the Wine Wall. Grab a glass and explore over 30 world-class wines originating from Baldwinsville to Basilicata.

This is wine exploration on your terms. Choose what you want. Choose how much you want. At your own pace.

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Wine Vineyard, Baldwinsville, NY


  • Start your tab by exchanging your Credit Card for a Strigo Wine Card from one of our welcoming and knowledgeable Tasting Room hosts.

  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the varietals on hand that evening and choose where you’d like to begin.

  • Pick up a glass and find your wine from one of our dispensers. Insert your Strigo Wine Card into the appropriate slot on the dispenser.

  • After inserting your card to the machine, simply place your glass under the spout and choose from either a Sample (1 oz.), Sip (3 oz.), or Savor (5 oz.) style pour.

  • Don’t forget to remove your Strigo Wine Card from the machine, you’ll need it again to continue tasting.

  • Once you’ve finished your wine, choose a new varietal to enjoy. With these state-of-the-art dispensers don’t be afraid to venture out and try something new! If you truly fall in love with a wine, we will have full bottles on hand to sell.

  • When you’ve finished enjoying your wine from Strigo Vineyards, return your Strigo Wine Card to the appropriate host so they can cash you out and return your card so you can start planning your next trip with your friends and family back to The Tasting Room.


Most often then not vineyards are associated with Italian or French country sides, rolling hills, picturesque farmhouses and Strigo Vineyards is just that. 
With a focus on land stewardship, viticulture, and sustainability Strigo’s kitchen follows suit. Strigos culinary program is dedicated to working within our food shed in Central NY as well as sources with integrity. Inspired by the landscape, history and grapes themselves our menu is designed with its roots in mind. 
Seasonally the menu will change accordingly as we believe in using the best of the seasons bounty. Offering small plates for yourself or to share with others as well as our signature charcuterie boards. 

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